Best Hoover Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Hoover – is American company, famous with its carpet cleaners and cleaning systems. We know at least, Hoover refrigerators, which were produced by company in the early 1990s. They were supplied mainly to the US market and in some countries of Western Europe. At this point, the individual production facilities of the company passed into the ownership of two international corporations – American “Maytag” (release of carpet cleaners and cleaning systems) and European “Candy” (refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances), which bought a controlling stake in “Maytag” at the beginning.
More than 100 years, the brand that bears the founder’s name and creator of the first prototype of Mr. Hoover’s carpet cleaner in the world, it is leading brand of the European market of home appliances of premium-class.
To achieve these goals and good results on the market, the company applies the “individual approach” to its customers using the selected media and channels of marketing communications: public relations, special events, direct marketing, Internet and online shopping, leading glossy magazines, special promotion in shops. (source
Considering the tradition of innovations, technologies and design, the brand takes a strong place in the top three in Europe in the category of carpet cleaners, as well as leading positions in a number of European countries in terms of narrow washing machines, cars with increased capacity and washing machines with top loading. Products under the brand Hoover are the symbol of quality reliability for many millions of users around the world, which marketing director of SDA Hoover Ms. Laura Favretti described as a “generation of the future.” “Buying products under the brand Hoover, the consumer today receives a technique that will become a classic in the future”, – said Ms. Favretti.
Hoover Company has many successful models of carpet cleaners, such as “container” washing carpet cleaner, in which dust and water are collected in one container; and the quietest carpet cleaner, which has become simply indispensable for families with small children or elderly parents. Medical institution Swedish Institute of Allergy and Asthma recommended such a model; and carpet cleaners designed specifically for cleaning steps in hotel complexes, multi-storied residential buildings and enterprises.
Hoover Company completed 20th century with special filter system for allergy sufferers and people who are sensitive to dust, and the permanent filter for dust-collecting container.


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